Conceptual Plan: Provide a plan, which begins with discussion and a site visit to consider the vision for the property.  The resulting plan will reflect the conceptual ideas and framework for the project.

Construction Management: Provide construction observations, which monitor contractor’s milestones and completion dates for private developments.  Conduct coordination and constructability reviews of contractor’s shop drawings and resolve any issues, which arise during construction with the contractor.

Detention Pond Design: Provide a design of an on-site facility, which meets local municipality’s requirement that the quantity of storm water runoff from new developments should not alter predevelopment conditions.  

Drainage Study: Provide a report, which performs hydrologic and hydraulic analyses on both the existing conditions and development conditions of the client’s property.  

Due Diligence / Feasibility Study: Provide a report, which assess the potential a property has for development and the ability a property has for supporting client’s needs.  This report may also provide the client with a Value Engineering Assessment of the project. 

FEMA Map Revision: Provide assistance for projects within the 100-year flood area that needs elevation certificate, request for both conditional letter of map revision (CLOMR) and letter of map revision (LOMR).

Site Development Design: Provides planning and design of water, sewer, paving, drainage, and grading of both residential (single-family and multi-family) projects and commercial projects.  Careful planning, contracting municipalities and research local regulations can ensure obtaining approval and permits.

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan: Provide a report ensure that a project complies with the TPDES General Permit relating to storm water discharges associated with either construction or industrial activity in accordance with Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

Storm Water Quality Inspections: Provide installation, operating inspection services to ensure that storm water management measures are properly installed, operating as designed, and meets with Harris County and/or City of Houston Storm Water Quality regulations.  Installation inspections will be conducted within 30 days of the installation date. Provide all Harris County and/or City of Houston Storm Water Quality Permitting, Renewals and Certifications.

Help clients with their small scale residential and commercial projects.

Analysis & Evaluation of Structural Systems: Analysis dead, live, & wind loads for aluminum and wood structures.

Design & Analysis of Foundations: Design reinforced concrete structures.